What They're Saying About Oakwood Products....

I have found that Oakland’s Leather Conditioner and Conditioning Cream to be outstanding products, better than all other brands I’ve tried before.  I use the Conditioner for boots and motorcycle seating and saddle bags.  I use the Conditioning Cream on all the other leathers including furniture, car seats, luggage, and all the leather goods used in motorcycling.  Over the many years of wear, in all types of weather, my riding jackets, pants, suits, and gloves remain in great condition thanks to your product.

Scott, Greenwich, CT

"Yesterday I received my order of the leather cleaner and conditioner. I am amazed at how good it is! I was able to get rid of dog scratches on a
leather chair and ottoman and totally renewed the look of my leather sofa and recliner. I have left the love seat undone for now until I can get some friends over to see a before and after look. I wish I had a digital camera!
Anyway, if you have a testimonial file, you can use this. The Oakwood Product is everything it is advertised to be!"

Kathleen Best
Houston, Texas

"I have never written to a company before, but I just had to tell you about my experience with your Oakwood Liquid So
ap and Leather Conditioner.
One of our saddles was left under an undiscovered leaky spot in the tack room, and the saddle was completely green!  It was unbelievably gross!  I tried the usual glycerin cleaners and neatsfoot oil, but the saddle still showed water and mold damage.
I bought your Oakwood products at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas, and half heartedly tried them on the damaged saddle.  With only one treatment, the saddle looks great, like new!  You wouldn't believe the difference!
I know that Oakwood has a booth at Equine Affaire in Pomona, CA and I can't wait to introduce your products to my friends and to try more of your products  myself!"

Andria Fike
Hanover, CA

"I was at your Horse Show in Thermal, CA, (Desert HITS) and fell in love with your products.  I even used your Aloe Vera conditioner on my hair and I loved it.  I have a Yorkshire Terrier Kennel and my dog's coat is just beautiful.  Thank you."

R. E. Hale

" My horse Annie is very susceptible to fly bites, and has had skin problems as a result. Since switching to Oakwood Shampoo with Citronella, Annie's coat just shines and the flies are really staying away!  The Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus has also helped her skin.  Thanks Oakwood!"

Ruth Nelson, Rancho Mirage, CA

"I'm very proud of my Champion Andalusian  gelding Tuno 4.  
We've been using Oakwood's Blue Shampoo, Aloe Vera Conditioner for his mane & tail, plus Natural Hoof Conditioner  and are really satisfied with the results."

PS Tuno is now Traveler 7 at USC football games!!

Joanne Asman, Burbank, CA

We've been told lots of times...

 "There's no way you can help these boots", 

But...... Oakwood did!!  Want your barn boots (or show boots) to look this good?   
Try Oakwood Liquid Leather Soap and Oakwood Conditioner.

" We love your products.  Started using them last year after picking up product at Horse Expo in Denver.  We play polo and fox hunt and have 12 sets of bridles/saddles etc.  This stuff is great since we have all English tack and were previously using good old saddle soap and needsfeet (sp) oil."
Lise Stevens,CO
" Lynn & I used your cleaner and conditioner on my dressage saddle on Sunday.  Wow!  Our German Bereiter, Stephan, has put many hours in this saddle and it really needed the "fix" that your products gave it.  Later this week, we'll attack my jumping saddle.  Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and your products to us."
Bob DeGour, 
California Sporthorses
Riverside, CA


And... Satisfied Harley Davidson Owners Write....



"We traveled from Michigan to San Diego on our Harley Dyna Glide.  By the time we arrived in San Diego through rain and desert heat ,our saddlebags were looking pretty bad.  We bought your Oakwood Leather Conditioner and applied it to our boots, saddlebags, and belts. Our leather looked and felt better and we are sold on Oakwood.  My husband has been using your product with wonderful results ever since returning to Michigan".
Lucille & Dorian Staff, Madison Height, MI
"I have been using the Oakwood Leather Conditioner on my boots, chaps and jackets for the last year now.  The Harley Dealer I bought the first tube from doesn't carry the product anymore.  So I went in search of the stuff on the internet.  You guys are the only place that sell it. It's a great product!  Since I ride my motorcycle everyday, I need to keep my leathers well kept.  This product does it!"

Travis Poole, Paolos Verdes, CA

"I purchased a tube of Oakwood Leather Conditioner at the Palm Springs Harley Davison shop.  I have a $900.00 leather seat on my Harley (Ultra-Classic Electra Glide).  I have used the Oakwood product on my seat 4 or 5 times.  Of several popular products available at leather stores and Harley Dealers, it is easily the best.  I have now started using it on my boots and I also plan to use it on my leathers."

Jim Chitty, Pleasanton, CA

"Wow!! Look what Oakwood did to fix up my boots at Laughlin River Run 2001--A really great product"

John Harrington, Colorado

"My seat and saddlebags were dirty, stiff and ugly after a long ride to attend Laughlin River Run 2001, boy did Oakwood Leather Cleaner and Conditioner make them like new"

Chuck Kozell, Mayfield Heights, OH