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Simply The Best Leather Furniture Conditioner and Cleaner

All Natural leather furniture conditioner and leather cleaner, it's also excellent to
condition  and clean car & truck leather! It Won't Come Off On Your Clothes!





Oakwood Leather Conditioning Cream is an all natural leather furniture conditioner, that contains not only a special mix of natural oils, beeswax and lanolin, but also extra lanolin cream and emu oil to soften leather, penetrate and protect the finest of leathers. Here's what the leather furniture conditioner will do to protect your leather:

Lanolin —to soften
Beeswax—adds water repelling properties
Emu Oil—penetrates deeply into the leather, restoring natural moisture
Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus—prevents stitching from breaking down.
Pinegum—restores faded color, covers scratches from pets, etc.

Clean and condition leather furniture, car & truck leather  interiors, leather jackets, leather purses, briefcases.  Suitable for all finished leather.  Antique leather is especially refreshed with our leather conditioner cream.

COVERAGE: One Kit will easily do a love seat, sofa, chair and ottoman 2-3 times.  Auto interiors can be done approximately five times with a kit.  When applying, "Less is Better!" 

Oakwood Liquid Leather Cleaner is comprised of the highest quality ingredients with the inclusion of glycerin and Emu Oil for enhancing the leather, plus specialized emollients derived from Australian native plants (i.e., tea tree and eucalyptus).  

The  leather cleaner allows you to clean leather furniture (for such things as natural human oils, child spills etc.) without stripping the moisture content of the leather and contains mild and gentle bio-degradable surfactants.  

It has a neutral color with a neutral PH value. It does not leave a sticky residue.

Conditioning Cream is a 12.4 oz jar
Leather cleaner is a 8.4 oz plastic bottle
Not for use on suede or nubuck.

Look How Oakwood Restores Faded Color

Restores Leather Color

Softens & Re-Moisturizes Leather

Hides Scratches In Leather

 Natural Moisture Returns

Look How Oakwood Cleans & Conditions Car Leather


Steering Wheel Before                   Steering Wheel After

Removes Human Oils from Steering Wheel,

Cleans & Conditions Armrests, Seats

Softens & Re-Moisturizes Seats

Protects Stitching

 What a customer said recently about the Leather Care Kit.....
"Yesterday I received my order of the leather cleaner and leather conditioner. I am
amazed at how good it is! I was able to get rid of dog scratches on a
leather chair and ottoman and totally renewed the look of my leather sofa
and recliner. I have left the love seat undone for now until I can get some
friends over to see a before and after look. I wish I had a digital camera!
Anyway, if you have a testimonial file, you can use this. The Oakwood
product is everything it is advertised to be!"

Kathleen Best
Houston, Texas


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